During our consultation with Peter & Liezl, we chatted about our favorite photojournalists, Liezl’s childhood in South Africa and how they stumbled on Camp Hale and Gillespie Photography. They were initially drawn to our work from a particular photograph we had taken at the beautiful wedding venue, but more so because of our artistic documentary wedding photography style.

Fast forward to their wedding day. Perfect weather, at one of our favorite wedding venues, with an exquisite couple; we’ll take it. Liezl got ready in the Camp Hale Cabins with a few friends, some of whom flew in all the way from South Africa. Upon sharing a moment with their friends and family, Liezl and I trailed Stacy & Peter up a 4×4 road for their first reveal above treeline. The fields of wild flowers, vista of mountain ranges and feeling that you’re on top of the world makes the bumpy traverse up worth the hassle.

Upon arriving back at the Camp Hale Lodge, we made our way over to the private lake so Liezl’s father could marry the two. As goes with most weddings, there are always a few unexpected surprises that can make brides break down or shrug and laugh. When Liezl’s veil popped off coming over the bridge, her smile set the tone for the rest of the wedding. It wasn’t about everything being perfect, it was about the marriage of two people in front of their friends, family and loved ones. Instead of regular cake, Peter & Liezl’s decided to cut into a large platter of cheese, which kicked off a night of dancing and good times.

With Camp Hale being so remote, a portrait under the stars is always on our mind, and Peter & Liezl couldn’t have been more excited to find a different way to finish off their Camp Hale Wedding, a favorite Vail Wedding Venue of ours.

Camp_Hale_Wedding_0001 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0063Camp_Hale_Wedding_0003 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0004 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0005 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0006 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0007 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0070 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0009 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0010 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0011 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0012 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0013 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0014 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0015 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0016 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0017 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0018 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0019 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0020 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0021 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0022 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0023 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0024 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0025 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0026 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0027 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0028 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0029 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0030 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0031Camp_Hale_Wedding_0062 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0032Camp_Hale_Wedding_0034 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0033 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0035 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0036 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0037 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0039 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0040 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0041 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0042 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0043 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0044 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0045 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0046 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0047 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0048 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0049 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0061 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0050 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0051 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0052 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0053 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0054 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0055 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0056 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0057 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0058 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0059 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0060

Wedding Vendors

  • Wedding Venue: Camp Hale
  • Wedding Venue Location: Vail, Colorado

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