Had a fantastic time working with Quentin & Chelsea in creating their engagement photos. In between her smile, his comforting hold, and the beautiful fall colors, these photos are exactly what us photographers crave to make. Enjoy the photos from their Red Rocks Engagement.

Red-Rocks-Engagement_0001 Red-Rocks-Engagement_0002 Red-Rocks-Engagement_0003 Red-Rocks-Engagement_0004 Red-Rocks-Engagement_0005 Red-Rocks-Engagement_0006 Red-Rocks-Engagement_0009 Red-Rocks-Engagement_0010 Red-Rocks-Engagement_0010a Red-Rocks-Engagement_0010b Red-Rocks-Engagement_0011 Red-Rocks-Engagement_0012 Red-Rocks-Engagement_0012a Red-Rocks-Engagement_0013
  • Wedding Venue: Red Rocks
  • Wedding Venue Location: Golden, Colorado

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