Having a baby is a beautiful thing.  As I have no kids of my own yet, I am been blessed to watch my best friend go through two pregnancies now.   It is a long, tiring and sometimes stressful time in a woman’s life but she will be the first to tell you that it is a humbling and magical experience.  The anticipation of meeting her little girl softens all of our hearts and most of all we look forward to little Oakley meeting his little sister in May.

Renee and I headed out to an old farm in Arvada for some pictures and the weather took a quick turn on us.  When our toes got to cold and the snow started coming down we decided to head back to her beautiful home to finish up the session.

Thank you Renee for being such an amazing friend, listener, supporter, volleyball partner and role model for me. I cannot wait to meet your little girl in May!

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