My new leather camera bag has arrived!  I have been looking for a stylish bag for some time now and I could not find one under $250.  I currently have a bulky green backpack that I use for carrying my gear on photo shoots.  The backpack has served me well but it is very difficult to switch a lens in a timely manner as you have to take the bag off and lay it down to get gear out.   Having your gear at your hip cuts down on the time it takes to switch lenses and create a smoother transition for your subject.  I also wanted a bag that fit my style and personality a little better as well.   I decided to do some searching on Etsy and I ran across LefOver Studio. I instantly fell in love with the rustic leather look of the bags so I decided to take a chance.

When the camera bag arrived, I was impressed with the quality and softness of the leather.  The inside of the bag is well padded and has dividers for three lenses or a DSLR camera. There is also a pocket in the back of the inside of the bag for a small laptop if needed.  An additional zipper pocket is one the front of the bag and can be used to store valuables.  I also like how easy it is to convert this bag for every day use by just removing the camera padding.   Initially we thought you had to use the buckles to close the bag flap but there is an easy to use metal clips underneath for opening and closing as shown in the pictures below. 

The only downfall to this bag is the size.  It is a little too small to carry a DSLR camera with a battery grip.  So when I do my shoots I will most likely be using this bag just to carry lenses while I have my camera around my neck.

Overall, I am very happy with the bag so please check out LeftOver Studio on Etsy.


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  1. Kevin says:

    Great review! I’m thinking of buying this bag to use for work and school. Do you think it would be a good bag to fill with books and lug around campus?

    • Most definitely. Being that the baffles remove without much work at all, you would be able to swap between camera bag and book bag very easily. They also make a large size which might accommodate books and a camera. The reason I suggest it is because of the quality of leather used and its finish… cant find many bags that are built with such quality.

  2. Jack Tiong says:

    is the leather too soft that the bag doesn’t feel as solid compared to cowhide products? cheers and thank you so much for such a great review.

  3. Naresh says:

    Thanks for sharing informative article, I really like this post.

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