Piney River Ranch is one of those venues that no one hardly knew five years ago, but is now one of Colorado’s top wedding venue locations. Having photographed one of their first few weddings some years ago, its always a pleasure to shoot again and again, which isn’t all that often considering their limited availability with high alpine conditions. When Rob & Julie were looking for a fall setting somewhere around Vail, we suggested Piney. It took them but a few minutes to confirm and the photo date was set.

The drive up for their Piney River Ranch Engagement wasn’t necessarily easy, but the views were worth it. The fall colors and the Gore Range in the background makes a bumpy road less of an annoyance and more of an adventure. We trucked along the surrounding trails with their two dogs and Rob even managed to spot two moose all the way across Piney Lake.

As always, enjoy the photos from Rob & Julie’s Piney River Ranch Engagement session. We won’t be back to these parts until next year.

Piney_River_Ranch_0001 Piney_River_Ranch_0002 Piney_River_Ranch_0003 Piney_River_Ranch_0004 Piney_River_Ranch_0005 Piney_River_Ranch_0006 Piney_River_Ranch_0007 Piney_River_Ranch_0008 Piney_River_Ranch_0009 Piney_River_Ranch_0010 Piney_River_Ranch_0011 Piney_River_Ranch_0012 Piney_River_Ranch_0013 Piney_River_Ranch_0014 Piney_River_Ranch_0016Piney_River_Ranch_0017 Piney_River_Ranch_0015 Piney_River_Ranch_0018

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