A common trend on our blog lately is to talk about the weather, but I’ll keep this one short. It rained… and it didn’t bother Jenna & Ryder one bit. Back in December, when we shot their engagements, there was a foot of snow on the ground, and that taught us an important piece about these two. Its not the surroundings that make these two who they are, its them being together.

Jenna & Ryder decided to get married at Jenna’s parents, in part because of its setting, but more importantly, because it was home. With the help of family and loved ones, everything came together without a hitch. Everyone had their hand in it… from building the arbor, decorating the tent, and helping the 200 some guests figure out where to park.

Shortly before the ceremony, the field where Jenna & Ryder were married got busy. Little boys in cowboy hats playing tag… family greeting other family. It was what you’d want a wedding to be.

After a ride in a 1940s Diamond T truck to her ceremony site, Jenna & Ryder made their vows to each other, only shortly interrupted by her two sisters. A few family photos later, we set out with the couple to make some beautiful wedding photos they’ll hang onto forever.

Thanks again for the opportunity you two. It was a pleasure to capture the love you two have for each other. Enjoy.

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  1. Shyla says:

    wow this is an absolutely stunning place was this a family/friend property or someone who will host an event on their property I have had some major fall outs for our venue and now have nowhere and am currently looking:)

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