When we first meet with couples, we try to get as much backstory as we can, asking for details on how they first met or proposed. It helps us connect with our subjects and gives us insight into the quirks that make them are who they are. We learned that Logan & Lauren started out as high school sweethearts, but little did we know that Logan spent ten years chasing his high school prom date until a late night Taco Bell run would bring them together… forever.

Their wedding day started out at the Inverness Hotel, where Lauren & her bridesmaids finished their prep while Logan and his groomsmen straightened the ties and even recreated a few scenes from The Mighty Ducks. Once adorned, we headed off to the St. Mary Catholic Parish so these two could make their vows and seal the deal.

Arriving at The Sanctuary, we made our way out on to the course for some brisk photos with the wedding party. You could feel the energy building as people began racing inside to get warm, but also to begin the celebration.

Even after our conversations with Logan & Lauren, we still learned a few bits of information during one of our favorites parts of every wedding. The speeches. After the glasses were raised and hugs were exchanged, the dance floor opened up and from there it was full throttle. The only break that Logan took was to cut the cake with his bride. These two had enough energy to keep the dance floor raging into the wee hours of the morning, and we appreciated every bit of it. One of our most memorable receptions to date.

We can’t thank you both enough for inviting us to document your Sanctuary Wedding in Sedalia. Enjoy the images.

Inverness Hotel Wedding in Centennial St Mary Catholic Parish Wedding St Mary Catholic Parish in Littleton Sanctuary Wedding in Sedalia
  • Wedding Venue: The Sanctuary
  • Wedding Venue Location: Sedalia, Colorado

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  1. Wonderful photos, Trent. It’s a really nice job.

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