Planning engagement sessions around Colorado’s incredibly unpredictable weather has been a chore lately. So when it started to snow before Scott & Danielle’s shoot, we offered a reschedule, but they wanted to rock it regardless. Huge props to these two for sitting, playing and even laying in the snow. Enjoy.

Boulder-Engagement_0001 Boulder-Engagement_0002 Boulder-Engagement_0003 Boulder-Engagement_0004 Boulder-Engagement_0005 Boulder-Engagement_0006 Boulder-Engagement_0007 Boulder-Engagement_0008 Boulder-Engagement_0009 Boulder-Engagement_0010 Boulder-Engagement_0011 Boulder-Engagement_0012 Boulder-Engagement_0013 Boulder-Engagement_0014 Boulder-Engagement_0015 Boulder-Engagement_0016

Boulder Engagement Slideshow

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