Colorado is becoming somewhat of a destination wedding location, and now even a place for destination engagement photos. No need to go out of the country when you can get backdrops and sunsets like these.

Seth & Bethany are from Indiana and were visiting the Summit County area in search of their wedding venue. They reached out to us about shooting their Breckenridge Engagement session a while back, so we made it happen during a quick visit to the area. Having shot at Sapphire Point a few times, we’ve never actually made it to the top, so why not take a formally attired couple in high heels up a mountain side for a few photos?

We love the elegant contrast against the wilderness backdrops. Enjoy the photos from Seth & Bethany’s Breckenridge Engagement session. It’ll be a while before we are blessed with a sunset like this again. You two rock.

Breckenridge_Engagement_Photos_0001 Breckenridge_Engagement_Photos_0002 Breckenridge_Engagement_Photos_0003 Breckenridge_Engagement_Photos_0004 Breckenridge_Engagement_Photos_0005 Breckenridge_Engagement_Photos_0006 Breckenridge_Engagement_Photos_0007 Breckenridge_Engagement_Photos_0008 Breckenridge_Engagement_Photos_0009 Breckenridge_Engagement_Photos_0011 Breckenridge_Engagement_Photos_0010 Breckenridge_Engagement_Photos_0012 Breckenridge_Engagement_Photos_0013 Breckenridge_Engagement_Photos_0014 Breckenridge_Engagement_Photos_0015 Breckenridge_Engagement_Photos_0017 Breckenridge_Engagement_Photos_0019 Breckenridge_Engagement_Photos_0024 Breckenridge_Engagement_Photos_0020 Breckenridge_Engagement_Photos_0021 Breckenridge_Engagement_Photos_0022 Breckenridge_Engagement_Photos_0023
  • Wedding Venue: Sapphire Point
  • Wedding Venue Location: Breckenridge, Colorado

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7 Responses

  1. Uncle Rick says:

    Omg you guys look so awesome Seth buddy Bethany looks like some model that you hired she is so beautiful she really could have been a model wow off the charts

  2. Wow!!! You both look Amazing ! Bethany you are very beautiful and Seth you are so handsome ! The pictures are great , i knew that they would be . Just like i know that your children (my grandchildren) will be so very beautiful and smart. No pressure ,just saying . What a beautiful couple you are!!! Can not wait for more pictures and more memories . Much Love to you Both ! Mother Hill

  3. Taygan says:

    Love you guys so much?, you guys look so cute. Can’t wait?

  4. The question marks are emojis…just saying

  5. Wow!What a beautiful couple you are!Bethany you are very beautiful and Seth you are so handsome!The pictures are great,i knew they would be.You both look Amazing!Much Love Mother Hill

  6. Every single picture is just breathtaking. You both look absolutely stunning!! Brian and I are beyond happy for both of you. #models We cannot wait for the big day next year. We love you guys:)

  7. Edie says:

    Absolutely stunning Bride and handsome lucky young man! Love you Bethany!

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