Charlie and Claire weren’t envisioning a winter wedding when thinking of their big day, but they got it, and embraced it. About a month out, Claire let us know they she had begun her weather watch and was crossing her fingers for a bluebird day for her Spruce Mountain Ranch Wedding. It was looking good, but then the forecast pegged Saturday for eight inches of snow, and the switch to an indoor ceremony was made.

Having started their relationship in Colorado Springs while Charlie attended the Air Force Academy, they wanted to share parts of their history with their friends and family. Claire got ready at The Broadmoor and then slipped into her dress in Ruby’s Cottage.

With all the snow, the ceremony was moved inside to Albert’s Lodge, but the attention to detail and planning made it just as elegant as if it were outside under the cottonwood tree. After a beautiful ceremony in which Charlie & Claire were blessed and prayed for by family, we headed straight into dinner and a night of getting down on the dance floor. Thanks again to everyone involved and enjoy these pictures from Charlie & Claire’s Spruce Mountain Ranch Wedding.

Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0001 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0003 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0004 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0005 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0006 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0007 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0008 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0009 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0010 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0011 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0012 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0013 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0014 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0016 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0015 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0017 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0018 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0019 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0020 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0021 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0022 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0023 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0024 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0025 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0025a Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0026 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0027 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0029 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0030Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0028 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0031 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0034aSpruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0032 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0033 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0034 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0035 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0040Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0037 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0038 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0039 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0041 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0042 Spruce_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding_0043

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