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St. Johns Methodist Country Church


One of  the joys of going home for Christmas is taking a drive down memory lane. Our drive this last week consisted of some old gravel roads around Tulare, South Dakota and eventually we ended up at St. Johns Methodist Country Church.
As we stood and admired the old abandoned building, my mom and I reminisced on our memories of attending the services.  This church has some great history with our family as my Grandparents were married in the church and the family continued to enjoy Sunday services even in my early teen years.  My mom talked about the Christmas eve children’s program she use to partake in, her brother and sister-in-laws wedding and the Christmas eve when I took my first steps up on the alter of the church.  For me, it was running into the church as a young girl asking if I could help ring the bell for the start of church, the grand old wood pews, having to go out in the cold to use the outhouse, Sunday school  in the basement and playing football in the back field after church.
I was blessed to be a part of this 1901 church and value all of the Sunday school classes, sermons and guidance it provided me.  It is a great reminder of what Christmas is all about.
God Bless and Merry Christmas
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  1. Doreen says:

    Beautiful pics! There sure are many great memories there. We are blessed to have been a part of it. I loved growing up in that environment and I know your mom did too. Did she ever tell you about our confirmation class? Lots of stories about that! Just for the record, tho, it was st. johns united church of christ, not methodist. That church was in town.

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