Many of our couples are connected to past weddings we’ve photographed, whether they were a guest or someone in the wedding party. They know how we work. They know we’re high energy. They know they’ll get actual moment based photographs and not something scripted.

We met Damian at a Camp Hale Wedding several years ago when we were documenting Robbie & Bria’s big day. When he and his fiance decided to get married on her family’s property in northern Florida, they began looking for local photographers, but just couldn’t find someone that checked all the boxes. Damian, having seen our editorial approach, reached out and we were all about this destination wedding.

We didn’t know quite what to expect heading to the Tallahassee area, but we were absolutely blown away by the beauty of this area. The Southern Live Oak trees with the Spanish Moss added such a different dynamic. There were endless pockets of light and layers on layers of trees, which is such a contrast from our wide open views and unforgiving harsh light the Rocky Mountains force upon you.

With that said, it was such a pleasure connected with Damian & McCrea and their families for this beautiful Tallahassee Plantation Wedding. Here are a collection of our favorite photos.

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  1. Your photos are amazing! I am so glad that my son Damian and his wife McCrea chose you to record this once in a lifetime event!

    • Trent Gillespie says:

      Thank you Andrea. It was a great experience for us to visit the area and connect with both families. Hopefully our paths cross again.

  2. beautifully captured moments and this play with light.

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