During the winter months we blog less, but still keep busy with the cameras. We unfortunately don’t have time to blog everything we shoot, but we have been excited for several weeks now to share this recent engagement shoot of Taylor and Mike in Evergreen.

Ever since connecting with Taylor & Mike, hearing about their engagement story and then planning their engagement shoot, our shutter finger has been antsy to document their relationship. I say this with sincerity, we have a great time with this couple. With Taylor being a photographer and Mike being a shop-nut like myself, we had to remind ourselves to stop talking and start shooting. They are without a doubt a beautiful couple and we couldn’t be more excited to join you both for the big one… at one of the coolest wedding venues Colorado has to offer.

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2 Responses

  1. toni jones says:

    Beautiful! Love these photos

  2. Jan Fisher says:

    Awesome. Those two make the perfect couple on the outside and on the inside. Love the pictures.

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