Having never photographed a TenMile Station Wedding before, Stacy and I were looking forward to having Boreas Mountain as a beautiful backdrop for Matt & Jamie’s wedding. For the most part, Breckenridge wedding venues are great to shoot, but many sit low in the valley and offer only glimpses of the Tenmile Mountain Range. One of the best parts about a TenMile Station Wedding is its beautiful views from the ski slopes, back over the town of Breckenridge.

Spend 10 minutes with Jamie and you’ll realize you’ve met one of the nicest and happiest people ever. Spend 10 minutes with Matt, and you’ll have someone asking to carry your bags or grab you a water. Stacy and I had a blast tromping through the snow with these two during their Lake Dillon Engagement session this past winter, so we were even more excited to capture their wedding.

As is the case with a lot of Colorado Wedding Venues, the beautiful ceremony location at TenMile Station is outside, which doesn’t always bode well with weather. Waiting up until the last minute, the call was made to move the ceremony location indoors, which wasn’t their first choice, but also wasn’t going to diminish their day one bit. After the ceremony, we made our way above the rain clouds for some epic portraits above treeline. Some of our favorite shots aren’t the portraits themselves, but the movement to and from each spot. Jamie in her rain boots with Matt sheltering his new bride from the elements.

Arriving back at the venue, Elite DJ began the party and it took all of a few seconds for the dance floor to pack itself with Matt & Jamie’s friends & family. We don’t think Jamie left the dance floor once the party began and it was so much fun being able to photograph these two get down. Enjoy the photos.

Ten Mile Station Wedding Ten Mile StationTenMile Station Wedding TenMile Station Wedding Ten_Mile_Station_Wedding_0005 Ten_Mile_Station_Wedding_0006 Ten_Mile_Station_Wedding_0007 Ten_Mile_Station_Wedding_0008 Ten_Mile_Station_Wedding_0009 TenMile Station Wedding TenMile Station Wedding TenMile Station Wedding Ten_Mile_Station_Wedding_0013 Ten_Mile_Station_Wedding_0014 Ten_Mile_Station_Wedding_0015 Ten_Mile_Station_Wedding_0043Ten_Mile_Station_Wedding_0017 Ten_Mile_Station_Wedding_0018 Ten_Mile_Station_Wedding_0019 Ten_Mile_Station_Wedding_0021Ten_Mile_Station_Wedding_0020 Ten_Mile_Station_Wedding_0022 Ten_Mile_Station_Wedding_0023 Ten_Mile_Station_Wedding_0024 Ten_Mile_Station_Wedding_0025 Ten_Mile_Station_Wedding_0026 Ten_Mile_Station_Wedding_0027 Ten_Mile_Station_Wedding_0028 Ten_Mile_Station_Wedding_0029 Ten_Mile_Station_Wedding_0030 Ten_Mile_Station_Wedding_0031 Ten_Mile_Station_Wedding_0032 Ten_Mile_Station_Wedding_0033 Ten_Mile_Station_Wedding_0034 Ten_Mile_Station_Wedding_0035 Ten_Mile_Station_Wedding_0036 Ten_Mile_Station_Wedding_0037 Ten_Mile_Station_Wedding_0038 Ten_Mile_Station_Wedding_0039 Ten_Mile_Station_Wedding_0040 Ten_Mile_Station_Wedding_0041 Ten_Mile_Station_Wedding_0042

Wedding Vendors

  • Wedding Venue: Tenmile Station
  • Wedding Venue Location: Breckenridge, Colorado

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