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Just over a year ago, I carried out the first step in a promise that I made myself. Love what you do and do it passionately.

To be successful, the first thing to do is fall in love with your work. – Sister Mary Lauretta

I found myself nervous walking into my bosses office to give him my official notice. It wasn’t the conversation, but the realization that self employment was very cut and dry. You either make it, or you don’t.

After lots of planning, praying and the guidance of some wonderful people in my life, I decided it was the right thing to do. I had to pursue my career as a photographer. I’ve always had a passion for building and creating things, and I love being able to share this passion through the imagery that I create. It affects the lives of others, and I like that.

I don’t measure my success using bank accounts and worth, but by my ability to look back at the past year and realize how much passion has poured out. How much work has gone into the productions I’ve created. How many smiles I’ve put on people’s faces. How many lives I’ve affected.

So I thank you, the people who have supported me and given me the ability to do what I love doing. It’s the constant feedback and appreciation that allows me say, “I quit my job and lived to tell.” With that said, I have two upcoming posts that you’ll want to stay around for. I like sharing my success, wink wink. And for any of you thinking about quitting the 9 to 5, here is a quick pros and cons list that might help.


  1. You spend a lot less time filling up your gas tank and road-raging on your way to work.
  2. Your daily attire revolves around what is most comfortable to wear.
  3. If Copper Mountain gets 8 inches of pow, it immediately becomes a vacation day.
  4. Alarm clocks are optional.
  1. Say hello to 16 hour work days… with a coworker named bridezilla. *
  2. You realize how much taxes you pay, and that big tax return in Q1 doesn’t exist.
  3. You’ll get very proficient at being a secretary, accountant, manager, peon, IT department, complaints department, collections department… the list goes on.
  4. Weekends or even the 5 day work week is not a given.
* I’ve actually been very blessed to not have worked with a bridezilla yet. I can honestly say that all of my brides have been a blast to work with.
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