When Tim first contacted me about documenting his proposal to Heather, I knew it wasn’t going to be a small event.

Heather started out the day attending what she thought was a ‘networking event’ that a dear friend was hosting.  Her and the gals from her salon, Glo Extensions, spent the previous day preparing gift bags and business cards. But little did she know that all her prep work was not needed. Soon after Heather arrived to the event she was surprised by her sister, brother-in-law and her new nephew.  Having no idea what they were doing at this party she was shocked to see them but was distracted by being able to hold little Michael. This is when it got exciting.  Heather’s friends announced that they were all not there to network but instead where all in attendance because of her and a great journey she was was about to go on.

This is when Heather got the first clue to her 7 step scavenger hunt across Colorado.  Each clue had a card including a puzzle Heather and her team had to solve as well as a video recorded by one of the couples friends giving hints to help her find her next stop.  Heather’s excitement built as they continued to solve each clue and when clue #7 lead her to the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs she knew this is where Tim would be waiting for her.

The emotions seem to hit everyone as the group saw Tim standing out at the platform waiting for his beautiful future wife to make the long walk to him.  As Heather made her way across the greens it was as if everything moved in slow motion. Both the emotions of what was about to happen the stunning backdrop took over everyone. There wasn’t a dry eye in the building.

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