Summer is officially here in Colorado and we were thrilled to kick it off with a The Manor House wedding. Tim & Katie’s big day was focused around their commitment to each other and the people who support them.

When we first met with Tim & Katie they shared their love for photography and the art of capturing moments. Being that Tim is an artist himself, the photography aspect of their wedding was very important to them. We knew right then- these two were a great fit for us.

Fast forward to their wedding day and we were hiking the gravel trails on the foothills of the Rockies in their nicest clothes. Their day was surrounded with stories from loved ones, laughter and pure excitement. We enjoyed documenting every step of their day- from the first brush of makeup till the last few songs on the dance floor.

Tim & Katie, thanks for showing yourselves to us so openly and for trusting us to reflect it all back to you through your photos.

The_Manor_House_Wedding_0061 The_Manor_House_Wedding_0062 The_Manor_House_Wedding_0063 The_Manor_House_Wedding_0064 The_Manor_House_Wedding_0065 The_Manor_House_Wedding_0066 The_Manor_House_Wedding_0067 The_Manor_House_Wedding_0068 The_Manor_House_Wedding_0069 The_Manor_House_Wedding_0070The_Manor_House_Wedding_0093 The_Manor_House_Wedding_0072 The_Manor_House_Wedding_0073 The_Manor_House_Wedding_0074 The_Manor_House_Wedding_0075 The_Manor_House_Wedding_0076 The_Manor_House_Wedding_0077 The_Manor_House_Wedding_0078 The_Manor_House_Wedding_0079 The_Manor_House_Wedding_0080 The_Manor_House_Wedding_0082The_Manor_House_Wedding_0092 The_Manor_House_Wedding_0084 The_Manor_House_Wedding_0085 The_Manor_House_Wedding_0085b The_Manor_House_Wedding_0086 The_Manor_House_Wedding_0087 The_Manor_House_Wedding_0089 The_Manor_House_Wedding_0090 The_Manor_House_Wedding_0091
  • Wedding Venue: The Manor House
  • Wedding Venue Location: Littleton, Colorado

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