Tyler & Kristie’s Crooked Willow Farms Wedding was an all around great party. These two wanted their wedding to be a celebration and for their friends and family to let loose. From the minute we arrived till the very end, Tyler and Kristie were full of energy. It was a celebration I am sure no one will forget.

Soon after starting to date Kristie, Tyler was scheduled to move to Utah for a new job. It was on his long drive on the interstate with Tim McGraw playing on the radio; his love for Kristie hit him hard. He explained to us how he just broke down in tears and knew he couldn’t be apart for her. Tyler had a similar reaction to seeing his beautiful bride walk down the aisle.

We can’t thank you both enough for inviting us to capture your Crooked Willow Farms wedding. We hope you look back at these images and remember just how fun and expressive your wedding was. Congrats to you both!

crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0001 crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0001b crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0002 crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0003 crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0004b crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0005 crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0006 crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0007 crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0009 crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0010 crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0011 crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0012 crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0013 crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0014 crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0015 crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0016 crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0017 crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0018 crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0019 crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0020 crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0021crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0043 crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0024 crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0025 crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0026 crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0027 crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0027b crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0028 crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0028b crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0029 crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0030 crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0031 crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0034crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0036 crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0037 crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0038 crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0039 crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0040crooked_willow_farms_wedding_0042

Venue: Crooked Willow Farms; Wedding Coordinator: The Gardner Effect Wedding and Event Planning; Flowers: Karen at the Garden Path in Castle Rock; Hair: Jess Luther; Makeup: Lisa Gottsegen; DJ: Encore Events and Entertainment; Dress Boutique: Felice Bridal in Cherry Creek; Videographer: Simply Love Films

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