These two met shortly after Krystal finished up her residency and in-between one of Whitney’s tours across the world. Scheduling for their Vail Village Engagement proved to be a little tricky, but here we are, with fall colors and all.

We started off the session with a quick walk around Vail just as the rain had stopped. The drizzly weather and it being opening day for the Broncos gave us a downtown Vail that I’ve never seen. Usually, these walkways are crowded with tourists on the weekends.

After grabbing some iconic engagement photos in the Vail Village, we made our way up to the top of Shrine Pass just as the sun began to cut through the clouds. It wasn’t long before it crested, but just in enough time to make some beautiful final portraits of these two. Congrats on your Vail Village Engagement. We cannot wait for your Piney River Ranch Wedding this next summer.

  • Wedding Venue: Vail Village
  • Wedding Venue Location: Vail, Colorado

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