Colorado is home for Doug and Meredith, but they’ve spent a good part of their life traveling the world. Be it on a bike, boat or on foot, these two don’t stop. They brought it full circle for their wedding, celebrating their marriage on one of the highest venues in the states. A Vail Wedding Deck Wedding had the perfect combination of adventure and class that these two were after.

Meeting with these two and planning for the wedding, they emphasized how important the unscripted story of their day was. Meredith, a journalist, was drawn to our creative, but moment driven approach to wedding photography. It’s always a delight when our couple’s trust us enough to document their wedding with a hands-off approach.

Their wedding weekend started with a black-tie rehearsal at Left Bank in the Vail Village. Doug & Meredith invited their closest friends & family for an evening of heartfelt toasts and time spent together before the big day. Left Bank’s chef, Jean-Michel Chelain, delighted these two with a French Wedding Cake, a spectacular sight, unlike any wedding cake we’ve seen before.

The next day, these two spend their mornings getting ready at the Lion’s Square Lodge, only a short walk to their gondola ride to the top of Vail Mountain. Doug’s reaction to seeing Meredith for the first time was once in a lifetime. Completely taken away by the beauty of his soon-to-be wife.

Later that evening, their guests began to pack the Vail Wedding Deck. Each one of them, excited to witness the union of these two at one of the most breathtaking wedding venues in Colorado.

All-in-all, their Vail Wedding Deck Wedding was as good as it gets. The amount of hugs, tears of joy, laughter and real moments was at an all-time high. It was such a joy being able to document a story such as Doug & Meredith’s.

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