This wedding was about the devotion Silas and Cali shared as a couple. It was purely a celebration of love.

Silas seeing his bride for the first time was a perfect example of the excitement around this day. He couldn’t help but kiss her the first moment he touched her hand. His excitement and emotions of seeing his bride took over as he gave her a big kiss.  It was perfect.  As the sun set the speeches began, their wasn’t a dry eye in the building.  Jackson welcomed his new step-mom and shared his love for his father; while Silas made a promise to Cali’s late father promising to always take care of his little girl.  It was such a joy to be able to document this beautiful day.

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Photography Assisted by Dave Alderman

Wedding Coordinator: Allison Farrar with As You Wish

Florist: Leher’s Flowers

Hair: Ashley Augustine

Dress: Grace Loves Lace by Brisbane Austrailia

DJ: DJ Carve

Wedding Venue: Vail Wedding Deck

Wedding Reception: Eagle Vail Pavilion


Adventurous · Storytelling · Timeless