We met Wagner and Jamie through our church and ever since our wedding consultation, we’ve become good friends. So much that we teamed up for a dodgeball tournament together. Being able to build these relationships, and then give back to them through our gift of photography is such a blessing. Both Stacy and I love Jamie’s laugh and Wagner’s dry sense of humor.

During their engagement session Stacy and I swapped out as main shooter and explored Golden, CO with these two. We eventually found ourselves on top of Lookout Mountain for a decent Colorado sunset. Enjoy the photos.

Golden-Engagement-Photo-1 Golden-Engagement-Photo-2 Golden-Engagement-Photo-3 Golden-Engagement-Photo-4 Golden-Engagement-Photo-5 Golden-Engagement-Photo-6 Golden-Engagement-Photo-7 Golden-Engagement-Photo-8 Golden-Engagement-Photo-9 Golden-Engagement-Photo-10 Golden-Engagement-Photo-11 Golden-Engagement-Photo-12 Golden-Engagement-Photo-13 Golden-Engagement-Photo-14 Golden-Engagement-Photo-17 Golden-Engagement-Photo-18 Golden-Engagement-Photo-19 Golden-Engagement-Photo-20 Golden-Engagement-Photo-21 Golden-Engagement-Photo-22 Golden-Engagement-Photo-23

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