We had the pleasure of spending some time up in the beautiful Rocky Mountains the last few days.  Trent, Dave and myself went up to the Copper Mountain area to play in the winter snow.  While the guys went snowboarding, I opted to do some snowshoeing.  Being in the national forest with fresh snow on the ground was a little piece of heaven for us.  During my hike it was enjoyable to just stop and listen to the sound of silence.  There is something about the winter that makes everything seem completely still and at peace.  The winter morning makes you feel as though the forest is sound asleep and the trees are all just a little tired from the snow that is on their back.

Needless to say, we all had a blast and enjoyed the time away from our computer.  Below are a few of the pictures from our two day trip-  Sometimes you only need to go a few miles up the road to find a little bit of paradise.  

Copper_Mountain_Photography_Winter-1Copper_Mountain_Photography_Winter-2 Copper_Mountain_Photography_Winter-3 Copper_Mountain_Photography_Winter-4 Copper_Mountain_Photography_Winter-6Copper_Mountain_Photography_Winter-10Copper_Mountain_Photography_Winter-5 Copper_Mountain_Photography_Winter-9Copper_Mountain_Photography_Winter-8Copper_Mountain_Photography_Winter-7

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