It was nothing short of a good time for Hannah’s South Mesa Trailhead senior session.  I can honestly say this young lady is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Hannah is a sweet person with a big heart.  I have no doubt that this young lady will do amazing things in her future. Enjoy the photos and thank you Hannah for inviting me to capture you personality and your beautiful smile.

South_Mesa_Trailhead_Senior_Session_0018 South_Mesa_Trailhead_Senior_Session_0019 South_Mesa_Trailhead_Senior_Session_0019b South_Mesa_Trailhead_Senior_Session_0020South_Mesa_Trailhead_Senior_Session_0032 South_Mesa_Trailhead_Senior_Session_0021South_Mesa_Trailhead_Senior_Session_0031 South_Mesa_Trailhead_Senior_Session_0024South_Mesa_Trailhead_Senior_Session_0030 South_Mesa_Trailhead_Senior_Session_0025

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