Leah brought such a fun energy to her Golden senior portrait session. She is overall a beautiful young lady with a striking personality. Being that she is so easy to talk to and was an absolute natural behind the camera, the whole session felt as though I was taking pictures of a dear friend that I have known for years. We had a blast climbing rocks, running over bridges and even getting our feet wet.

I have no doubt that you will do great things in the years to come. I wish you all the best in your senior year. Enjoy the photos.

Golden_Senior_Portrait_Session_0001 Golden_Senior_Portrait_Session_0002 Golden_Senior_Portrait_Session_0003 Golden_Senior_Portrait_Session_0004 Golden_Senior_Portrait_Session_0005 Golden_Senior_Portrait_Session_0006 Golden_Senior_Portrait_Session_0007 Golden_Senior_Portrait_Session_0008 Golden_Senior_Portrait_Session_0009 Golden_Senior_Portrait_Session_0010 Golden_Senior_Portrait_Session_0011 Golden_Senior_Portrait_Session_0012 Golden_Senior_Portrait_Session_0013 Golden_Senior_Portrait_Session_0014
  • Wedding Venue Location: Golden, Colorado

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