It wasn’t easy to narrow down my favorite images from Maria’s Boulder senior portrait session. We found some beautiful urban backdrops in the alleys of Boulder that provided just the pop of color we needed.  Having brought a few close friends with her to the shoot, it was easy to get a laugh and a natural smile from Maria. We spent a little time tucked underneath a parking garage waiting for a quick rain shower to pass but once it did we headed up the mountain to enjoy some of Colorado’s natural beauty.

Maria will be graduating from Westminster High School this year and I have no doubt this young lady will do great things. Thanks again for being a trooper through the wind and rain for your Boulder senior portrait session. Have a great senior year and enjoy the photos.

Boulder_Senior_Portrait_Session_0001Boulder_Senior_Portrait_Session_0023 Boulder_Senior_Portrait_Session_0003 Boulder_Senior_Portrait_Session_0004 Boulder_Senior_Portrait_Session_0005 Boulder_Senior_Portrait_Session_0006 Boulder_Senior_Portrait_Session_0007 Boulder_Senior_Portrait_Session_0008 Boulder_Senior_Portrait_Session_0009 Boulder_Senior_Portrait_Session_0010 Boulder_Senior_Portrait_Session_0011 Boulder_Senior_Portrait_Session_0012 Boulder_Senior_Portrait_Session_0013 Boulder_Senior_Portrait_Session_0014 Boulder_Senior_Portrait_Session_0015 Boulder_Senior_Portrait_Session_0016 Boulder_Senior_Portrait_Session_0017 Boulder_Senior_Portrait_Session_0018Boulder_Senior_Portrait_Session_0019 Boulder_Senior_Portrait_Session_0018b Boulder_Senior_Portrait_Session_0020 Boulder_Senior_Portrait_Session_0022

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