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Address: 7549 N Daniels Park Rd, Sedalia, CO 80135

Phone: (303) 224-2860

Price Range: $$$$

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The Sanctuary isn't your average cookie cutter golf course venue. It has a beautiful reception space with plenty of open space surrounding the grounds. Located near Sedalia, it has a wide open feel to it, but also close enough to the city to be convenient.

Our Take on the Sanctuary Golf Course Wedding Venue in Sedalia, Colorado

There aren’t too many golf courses that peak our interest as wedding venues, but The Sanctuary is one. Being privately owned, there isn’t a crowd of patrons peaking in on your wedding. The clubhouse features some elegant features as well as one of the most beautiful overlooks. The staff has always been professional and easy to work with, making The Sanctuary a favorite venue of ours in the greater Denver area.

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