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Address: 2 Coonskin Ridge Ln, Mountain Village, CO 81320

Phone: (970) 728-7440

Price Range: $$$$ - Starting at $3,000

Guest Capacity: 250

What We Like

  • The scenery. Nothing beats it.
  • The experience. People will talk about it.
  • The cost is reasonable.
  • Did we mention the scenery?
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When people ask us what our favorite venue is, San Sophia is in our top three, if not the most favorite. You will not find a more beautiful backdrop for your mountain wedding.

Our Take on the San Sophia Overlook Wedding Venue in Telluride, Colorado

Located on the top of the Telluride Ski Resort, guests will ride the free gondola to your ceremony. After exiting the San Sophia Station on top, you and your guests will make the short walk to the overlook itself. It is clear to see why this is our favorite ceremony location in Colorado.

The deck sits right on top of the town of Telluride below. It’s almost as if you can reach out and touch the wall of San Juan Mountains. Turn 180 degrees and the view of the Wilson Range is just as epic.

For us photographers, the way San Sophia is positioned provides for the best lighting possible. Cloudy or full sun, it doesn’t matter, it’s going to look stunning. We can guarantee it.

We really appreciate that Telluride Ski Resort has kept San Sophia Overlook clutter free from fences, signs or ugly distractions. Some mountain wedding venues are encapsulated with neon flags and signs asking for people to keep out. With that said, the usual public access to the overlook is shutoff during your ceremony.

San Sophia is a ceremony location only, so eventually you and your guests will have to make your way to the reception. There are plenty of options available, most of them in the Mountain Village, but the closest being Allred’s or Gorrono Ranch.

With that said, we’ll let the pictures do the talking now. It should be clear why San Sophia makes our list of 10 Highest Rated Colorado Wedding Venues.

  • How much are gondola tickets for guests?
  • Do we really need a wedding coordinator ?

A ceremony photo from a San Sophia Overlook Wedding in Telluride.

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